Ruby fs-api

I am in the Ruby-fs API presentation now. Funding for the library came from

It is REST based.

Data model is: Person Person has many Assertions Assertion has one Contributor, Citation(not yet implemented), Note

Each person has a lot of data associated with them so you don't want to be parsing xml data on the fly.

Include the library with this: require 'family_tree_api/client'

The library will handle turning all the data into objects for you. This makes access to the API slick. I love ruby. ie

person = client.summary_person 'KW3B-2L7', descendants => 2
mother = person.mother
grandmother = person.mother.mother

search_params = {:givenName => 'Parker', :familyName => 'Flech'}
results = search_params

As with all things Ruby this API makes it very easy to talk to FamilySearch. If you are in the genealogy space and know Ruby give it a try.

The good news is that they are open to patches. The project is in active development. They will be creating a plugin for Rails. Right now he just checks out the code to his lib directory.