PPH – Profanity per Hour

I have been working on getting some CSS to work for a new design for The Plan Collection. The payoff is terribly small. I am really starting to hate CSS and the new "tableless" world of web design. I have spent and enourmous amount of time working around bugs in browsers and find new ways of getting things to work. CSS is pretty miserable to work with. Don't believe me? Here's an entire article on getting footers to work. That is not the only one in my list of bookmarks. Should it really take an entire article to figure out how to get stuff to stay at the bottom of the page?

I am annoyed can you tell?

I have come up with a new measure of the usefullness of a programing language. It has nothing to do with lines of code but rather the rate and degree of profanity required to complete a task. Right now CSS is pretty high. The old ASP was pretty high too. Flash had moments when the meter went so far off the chart as to justify me being sent straight to hell. With ASP.Net the meter is usually pretty low unless I need to do something that is not supported by the framework or something that is not the .Net way. I think Ruby on Rails has required only a handful of colorful metaphors, and those were related to setup not to code. C is up there. Writing drivers for Windows in C requires that no one be around me less their ears burst into flames.