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Using Starling, Workling with Ruby on Rails

For the project we are working on for Teachers Without Borders we need a reliable asynchronous way to process tasks. There are a myriad of ways to do this and if you aren't careful you'll spend weeks second guessing yourself while investigate every possible option. Not that I would know that from experience.

We chose Starling and Workling as our solution. Starling is a message queue that uses memcache. It was built by the guys at Twitter and released as open source. I bet it scales.

Workling is a great plugin built by a couple of guys working on boomloop.com It makes using Starling a bit easier especially when it comes to consuming messages from the queue.

There are a few blog posts around that describe how to get stuff up and running. Other than that the documentation is a bit sparse. I have to believe that will change over time. I am throwing my own links and experience into the mix so I don't forget how to do this.

First get the gems you need to run starling:

 sudo gem i...

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