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During our trip to Southern California I realized that it’s not just Disneyland that is a wonderland, separate and distinct from the rest of the world, but most of Southern California. We pulled up to a stoplight in sporting the minivan complete with roof rack when seven Lamborghinis and one Ferrari pulled up kitty corner to me. I was thinking to myself, “boy I bet that guy feels stupid.” Ferrari is the Saturday car. Lamborghinis are for Sunday. Everyone knows that. As proof I saw several more Lamborghinis on the road but all the Ferraris I saw were parked. Driving down the Pacific Coast highway we passed a Mclaren dealership, a Ferrari dealership, a Tesla dealership, a Porsche dealership, and Aston Martin and several places that had clusters of various kinds of exotic cars for which if you don’t show up in a started exotic car (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche) not only will the salesman not speak to you, but they will call the cops.

I cut off a Bentley and felt better.

One place where t...

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ing a week unable to stand up and wanting to die I pushed for us to sail on the largest ship in the world - The Oasis of the Seas. As it turns out even the largest of man-made objects are subject to the whims of enourmous bodies of water, but the worst side effect we experienced was the inability to walk a straight line a few times. Most people on board exhibited the same symptom most of the vacation whether the sea was upset or smooth. 21 bars in a contained location has that effect.

##Day 1 at sea. On any normal voyage a day at sea might involve reading a book or, staring at the water, or picking your nose. ...

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Oahu Day 1

It snowed 4 inches today in Logan and the wind is bad enough that the Salt Lake Airport is closed. Meanwhile, it's mid 70s on Oahu. Hate me. I'm going to hate me when we have to go back. I'm not sure why I don't live here.

We visited the Dole Plantation. You can purchase Dole Pineapple Whip at Disneyland and even in Ogden, but it tastes better at the plantation. Not really, but telling yourself that makes you feel better what you pay for it. Somehow I couldn't feel better about buying a pineapple the cost of which increases exponentially the closer to the field you get. Not sure how shipping it to Utah makes it so much cheaper than if you want to buy it a few feet from the field.

You can buy pearls in the oyster for really cheap and for your 'convenience' they have a bunch of settings for you to put it in

Next we visited a nude beach. Not really, but we looked positively dressed. Dental floss doesn't count as a swimming suite in Utah, but at Waimea b...

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