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Logan Utah Technical Jobs

Tech jobs seem to be rare in Logan so I always love to see local companies succeed. AdventCreative has a tech position open and is looking for a couple of people to help out with consulting. If anyone is interested in any of these positions just visit AdventCreative's website or leave a note in the comments and I'll send along their email.

Here's the details:

Opening at AdventCreative Hardcore Programmer // Urgently needed for our creative agency

Advent Creative is a group of 12 uber-creative designers, developers, videographers and marketers. We are young, innovative, and constantly striving to push the envelope. We have clients across the globe, from Marriott hotels in Hong Kong, to USAID projects in Sudan. Advent is growing faster than ever and wants only the best talent.

We are in urgent need for a superhuman (or at least very skilled) programmer for our team. This position would primarily involve working together with two other web developers to create killer websites ...

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Weather in Logan Not Conducive to New Bike

My new bike shows up today so what happens?

This is Logan, Utah so it snows of course.

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Cache Valley

The Desert News is saying what we already know. Cache Valley is a great place to live. Of course the numbers don't tell the actual story. This is a great place to live because it has a small town feel, the biking is awesome and people are friendly. The schools are great and you feel safe. The biggest drawback to living in Cache Valley is the low wages. For many jobs the university tends to pay very poorly and economic development around here so far has meant adding a Home Depot and second Walmart. Hopefully we start to see the kind of economic development that is sustainable and that provides good, well paying jobs.

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Utah Flat Tax

So the follow on to the Tax date is the fact that we paid taxes this evening. This year Utah citizens have the option of either a flat tax rate of 5.35% or the standard 7% rate with deductions. The population of Utah is made up of a large number of members of the LDS church who pay a 'flat' 10% of their income as tithing. Therefore, I am sure that the 5.35% seems very appealing - even divine given its similarity to the tithing structure. However, I would be very interested in the overall effect of this tax on the general population. In my personal case the flat tax would have resulted in an increase of more than $1,000. Even though 5.35% is a smaller number than 7% the net result is a greater portion of my income going to the state. I don't think that my situation is much different than many Utahns so I wonder if others would also be adversely affected. Given that the country is moving towards recession now is not the time to increase taxes. I think that the intent of the f...

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Utah WordPress Meetup

I spent this afternoon with some really cool and interesting individuals from around utah. Matt Mullenweg, the original developer of WordPress was in town and was willing to come and hang out, each lunch and chat for a couple of hours about anything. Matt is a very cool guy not only because he created the best blogging platform of all time, but also because he is just a plain nice guy.

It is to bad that Salt Lake is as far away as it is. These kinds of events are a great chance to meet other people with similar interests and to generate ideas. It is also important to break out of your own personal sphere every now and then so that you can see what the outside world looks like.

A couple of highlights:

  1. Matt said that he prefers a business model that works off the ubiquity of the software rather than a model that limits your ability when using the open source version so that it can charge for more functionality/license (think Mysql)
  2. Holding a Word Camp here in Utah wouldn't be diffic...

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Government 2.0

I really and truly heard the term Government 2.0 on the radio this morning. I shuddered and it wasn't from the cold. However, I listened to the broadcast anyway despite my disgust at hearing that our government was now being tagged with version labels. (Shouldn't we be on something more like government 232.0 or something anyway?)

Yes there is a point.

Utah in spite of being non-progressive in politics is very progressive in using technology to help facilitate the political process. They have computers and email. (One senator from Cache Valley is quoted as saying he would use his as a step ladder to help him get up on his horse - true story.)

Luckily they have moved a step further. The Senate has a webcam and a Senate blog. It is my understanding however that only the majority posts to it so that excludes a democrat that somehow got elected - I am sure they will do away with that guy somehow.

You can listen to Senate radio. (Who needs to still music anymore when you have the Se...

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For the People Who Don’t Live Here

My deepest sympathy goes out to all those who don't make their home in Logan Utah. There are few places that offer as much in the way of the outdoors as here. This past weekend we spent out time at Bear Lake about an hour away. It is a rather large body of water which was filled with us and a waverunner and my daughters screaming at the top of their lungs, "go faster daddy."

On the way back we drove up to Tony's Grove. It is a small lake in the top of the mountains. The narrow windy road looks like something out of the Tour De France and is a favorite for roadies especially for time trials.

This morning on my way into work (on my bike) we took a detour and road the river trail up the canyon. It is a fun little mtb trail that follows the Logan River. It is also about 3 minutes from my office.

For all those who sit in their cars burning the remains of long gone vegetation and dinosaurs my deepest sympathy.

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