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House plans that look good in the snow

It's snowing in Logan again and so in my current tradition of posting house plans that I would build if the economy didn't suck and if I had lots of money I am submitting to you this european style house plan that looks cool in the snow:

european style house plan in the snow

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I Love Our Facebook Application

While our house plans application on Facebook is not anywhere near as popular as Superpoke nor will it ever be it is a great application for me because the Facebook users find house plans that I have never noticed before. With the family being the size it is we need a larger home, but if I think this is a very cool small house plan. Social media has some very interesting and beneficial side effects. For me it is serendipitous discovery.

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Framework Problems Will Ruin Your Day

I created a code generator that writes all the of the code that connects ThePlanCollection.com website with its database. It is kind of like ActiveRecord that makes Rails so useful but not nearly as elegant. Someday I will release it as open source, but I am probably to late given all the other code generators that are now available. Why I continue to build an maintain my own generator I don't know. I makes me a cry a lot.

Like today. I noticed that the My House Plans feature on ThePlanCollection.com wasn't working so I started digging into the problem. It turns out that there is a bug in the generator and I am sure there are many more. The problem is that C# won't let you set DateTime values or Guids to null. That is very lame. So in my code I have to create a member variable that indicates the value is supposed to be null so that it can be passed to the database as null. One of those checks was happening when it didn't need to so in spite of passing in a value the che...

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ThePlancollection.com is all new

For a year now I have been working on a new version ThePlanCollection.com. Last night at 2 am it finally went live. The new site is faster and easier to maintain. There are a few bugs still - I'll have those fixed shortly. Look for new features and better ways to find house plans in the upcoming months.

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Learn this, no this, no this

I have been a programmer for a few years. During that time I went from "Bill Gates is the antiChrist" to Microsoft isn't so bad to I just don't care give me money. Programmers are prostitutes. Give us money and we do what you want. I love python, but I admit to be a closet asp.net programmer. I believe in finding a solution before adhering to ideology. Unless its my ideology. Everyone should adhere to that.

After attending the Indigo (Windows communication thingy) lecture the other night I realized how Microsoft stays the biggest software company in the world. Their motto should be re-learn, re-learn, re-learn, re-write, re-write, re-write. I went through the M$ initiation. I learned Win32, and MFC. I dealt with all the ugliness. Then I learned Visual Basic and ASP. After that along came .Net and I learned that. Then I learned about SOAP and did some WSE stuff. Then I found out I needed to learn Indigo and Avalon and BTW they are doing a rewrite in 2007 so I will hav...

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