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New Diet

I now weigh 165lbs which means I've lost 5lbs. The secret to my diet success is what I like to think of as the consultant stress plan. If you want to loose weight I highly recommend it. It is a simple combination of not sleeping and not eating. You'll be thinner in no time.

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Luvfoo – Open Source Ruby on Rails Social Network Platform

For lack of a better place to put this right now I am posting the roadmap for the Ruby on Rails social network we are building here. There has been quite a lot of interest in the project and quite a bit of willingness to contribute for which I am grateful. There are some features on this list that are a bit out there and we might not every get to. The idea is to do a brain dump and collect feedback. If you have interest or ideas feel free to add comments.

The code is currently running on: Teachers Without Borders Youth for Habitat (English, Turkish)

Get the source on GitHub

Roadmap by Feature

Featured Content

  • Develop a site wide news system that let's admins push news from member blogs or groups to the home page. In addition, group managers should be able to push news to the group home page. It would be nice to be able to attach news items to the various widgets so they can highlight specific member or group news items in various locations on the site.
  • Make it possible for site a...

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Professionals and The Enterprise

Professionals and the enterprise

Under threat of divorce if I didn't hang my Christmas lights this past Christmas I braved the elements and managed to put them on the trees. Of course this wasn’t sufficient to prevent the impending separation – only lights on the top eves of the house would be a sufficient sacrifice to stave off a divorce lawyer.

At great peril, a very kind neighbor and I attempted the feat. As each roof clip drew us closer to the two story eves and we had to climb higher on the roof it became clear that we would have to abort the attempt or die.

I don’t like death so we quit.

My wife didn’t really like our style of ‘safe’ decorating where the only lights were the ones we could reach so I called someone – a “professional.” I figured that a bunch of guys with safety harnesses and ladders certified by OSA would show up wearing helmets and other such gear.

Two guys showed up with a ladder, climbed up on my roof and scaled the eves learning perilously over the edge cli...

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This shouldn’t be so @#!&! hard

So as is typical in Utah I moved into my house with an unfinished basement and now to "save money" I am finishing it myself. That's a bit of an overstatement. I am actually watching other people, mainly my brother-in-law, finish it. I am amazed at how much time a little experience can save. Sure it isn't hard to frame up a room. It isn't hard to sheetrock. What is hard is all the little details that one learns only from experience and from hanging around a bunch of guys that usually smoke a lot of pot, but that are really good with their hands. The last time I did anything - put in a sprinkler system and built a huge deck - I spent months with my brother (both of us are engineers) figuring out all the details. We made specific plans. We calculated loads, water pressure. We did it all. You know what? My wife still gives me crap about that. For all of our upfront planning we still didn't do any better than the guys that smoke all that pot.

Why should you care?

A ...

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