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Social Search, User Discovery

As a follow on to my social profiles post I'm adding more images to help examine the way in which users find each other on a given social network. Billions of dollars have been made solving the search for content problem, but for the most part finding people is still a fairly tedious task. Most networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter depend on you having some other type of relationship. For example, you might already be friends or coworkers and then send a friend request with Facebook or LinkedIn. I might discover your twitter account because I found your link or because you happened to come through via a trending topic etc. Facebook does offer a recommended friends feature now which occasionally finds someone that I know.

Niche social networks face a very difficult challenge when it comes to user discovery. Much of the user to user interactions on such networks are serendipitous. I find someone interesting by chance because their photo was on the home page and I happened to no...

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