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WordPress Multiuser

I have a couple of blogs - this one and some family ones. Since Wordpress updates their code fairly often it has become a royal pain to manage all of them. I debated setting up sym links so that I wouldn't have to deploy the code in several directories. I even found someone doing just that. I also debated using svn to checkout the Wordpress code. Then I would write a shell script that could just do an svn update to update the code on all the blogs. But doing that would require that I maintain plugins and themes in each project. I would also have to upgrade a bunch of databases each time I did an upgrade.

My search led me to Wordpress Multiuser. I worried that it might not have all the features as the normal release and that I wouldn't be able to specify a domain name for each blog. In the end this Wordpress Multiuser is the solution I chose. Here's what I did.

You can checkout Wordpress MU using svn with this simple command:

 svn co http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress-mu/tr...

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