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Morph Exchange Review

I recently wrote about Cloud Computing. Alain Benedict from Morph Exchange told me that I neglected to add his company to the list. I said I would check it out. He said he would hold me to it. Last night I spent a little quality with Morph and now have a few impressions to share.

First, adding your application to Morph is a bit confusing. It is setup as an 'application exchange' so instead of signing up for hosting you 'subscribe' to the Morph DevCenter. Once you do that you create a new 'Appspace'. Once you get past the oddity of how to get going the next part is very easy. You click one button to create the database. Then you click another to download a Capistrano file. By default it is named morph_deploy.rb but I renamed mine to just deploy so I don't have to tell Capistrano the name of the file every time I want to deploy. Add the deploy.rb to your project, edit it and set your subversion repository, do a cap deploy:morph, enter your username and passwor...

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Elastic Cloud Computing

One of the most difficult tasks when putting up a new site is picking the right host. Moving hosts later on is terribly difficult so choosing the correct hosting company is as important as selecting a business partner. I've collected about 30 hosting companies in my delicious bookmarks. Some are specific to a platform others are really cheap. I recorded them because they looked interesting.

The latest movement in web hosting is towards cloud hosting. This is the holy grail for the user and for the hosting company. Imagine a web host that scales as you grow. Everyone would love nothing more than a host that could handle getting slammed by Digg.

Amazon's ec2 service offers scalable services, but it is not a simple as your typical web hosting company. The Ruby gem ec2onrails will simplify the process of getting your Ruby on Rails application up an running. RightScale builds on ec2 to make it easy to deploy your application. They add a dashboard and make it easy to load balance and ...

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