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Use Mac Ports on Leopard to get Ruby on Rails Running

I am stealing this from Dave South, Logan Ruby User Group Illuminati. If I don't extract it from my email I'll never find it again. So I'll ask for Dave's forgiveness for the blatant plagiarism.

Install MacPorts, first:


Be sure to put /opt/local/bin and /opt/local/sbin in your path.

PORT programs to install: sudo port install mysql5 server sudo port install ImageMagick sudo port install ruby sudo port install rb-rubygems sudo port install rb-termios sudo port install rb-mysql

Update GEM: sudo gem list -r sudo gem update --system

GEMs to install: sudo gem install rake sudo gem install rails sudo gem install capistrano sudo gem install mongrel sudo gem install redgreen sudo gem install test-spec sudo gem install RedCloth sudo gem install pdf-writer sudo gem install ZenTest sudo gem install mini_magick sudo gem install ruby-debug

Remember to install the mysql startup. Also, I add a mysql link in / opt/local/bin similar to the mysql5 link.

To initial...

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