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This will kill me

So I am eating fried stuff from the local deli. I think my tongue is going numb. I am sure this stuff will kill me, but dangit I only paid $2.50 for lunch. Funny how economics governs our lives.

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I came home and started working. I found that it wasn't so bad, but I also new that I would be headed back to the safety of an office. The day finally came. I went in to see my chair. I setup a 30...

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Snow and Rain

I just manged to get the kids in bed. It's 9:00pm. I started at 6:30. I'm sitting here watching the rain letting my brain idle for a few moments until I get back into write code.

It's a bit odd that its raining given that it is January. Over the Christmas break we received treacherous amounts of snow. Maybe it was like this when I was a kid and I just don't remember, but it sure seems like the weather various a lot more these days.

I don't really mind. I don't love the cold. Christmas is over spring can come.

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We’re All Gonna Die

In the cosmic scheme of things life is little more than a blip between birth and death. Luckily for us as a species the blips are coming online faster than they are fading out. However, it is terrifying when the universe conspires to silence all the blips at once. The death is aimed at us.

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The Logistics of Life

I stopped to get gas this morning, nearly froze and spent $92 for 30 gallons of gas. My truck isn't big, but it drinks a lot and it has two tanks.I only drive it about 12 miles a day so it isn't so bad. I fill up less than once a month and in warmer months I ride my bike and the truck sits in the garage.

I recently got the oil changed as well.

Life is full of little things like that that require our attention, but don't contribute meaningfully to where we want to be. Think about all the logistics we deal with - laundry, taking out the trash, washing cars, email etc. Life is filled with these nagging little things.

I think the trick is to reduce the items that are unnecessary. Believe it or not you can ignore many of the less important items and focus on the important things in life - the things that contribute to full filling goals and achieving success. Do the things that you have to do but don't make them your focus.

We are addicted to email, and feel compelled to rea...

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Complaning About Perspective

I love NPR. I was listening to it last night on the way home and Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity was on talking about his no complaint for 21 days program and the purple bracelets he passes out to help people to remember not to complain. This morning on my way in they were talking to David Allen, the author of "Getting Things Done". More than productivity David Allen the gist of Allen's interview for me was perspective.

Allen talked about how important it is to maintain perspective in life. At times we are forced to work with people we don't want to work with. Our relationships may not go the way we want them to go. Many of the parameters for our life are set for us so it is up to us to decide what to do with what we have. He made the point that many human beings in the most dire of circumstances still maintain a hopefully, happy perspective - it is the thing we have control over and the thing we can change. As we improve our perspective guess what, our lives improv...

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