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Learn this, no this, no this

I have been a programmer for a few years. During that time I went from "Bill Gates is the antiChrist" to Microsoft isn't so bad to I just don't care give me money. Programmers are prostitutes. Give us money and we do what you want. I love python, but I admit to be a closet asp.net programmer. I believe in finding a solution before adhering to ideology. Unless its my ideology. Everyone should adhere to that.

After attending the Indigo (Windows communication thingy) lecture the other night I realized how Microsoft stays the biggest software company in the world. Their motto should be re-learn, re-learn, re-learn, re-write, re-write, re-write. I went through the M$ initiation. I learned Win32, and MFC. I dealt with all the ugliness. Then I learned Visual Basic and ASP. After that along came .Net and I learned that. Then I learned about SOAP and did some WSE stuff. Then I found out I needed to learn Indigo and Avalon and BTW they are doing a rewrite in 2007 so I will hav...

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