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This shouldn’t be so @#!&! hard

So as is typical in Utah I moved into my house with an unfinished basement and now to "save money" I am finishing it myself. That's a bit of an overstatement. I am actually watching other people, mainly my brother-in-law, finish it. I am amazed at how much time a little experience can save. Sure it isn't hard to frame up a room. It isn't hard to sheetrock. What is hard is all the little details that one learns only from experience and from hanging around a bunch of guys that usually smoke a lot of pot, but that are really good with their hands. The last time I did anything - put in a sprinkler system and built a huge deck - I spent months with my brother (both of us are engineers) figuring out all the details. We made specific plans. We calculated loads, water pressure. We did it all. You know what? My wife still gives me crap about that. For all of our upfront planning we still didn't do any better than the guys that smoke all that pot.

Why should you care?

A ...

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