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Ruby Grand Masters

I spent two years in Japan. While there I met all kinds of interesting people. I remember one individual in particular because he was a chess grand master. He was also very good at Shogi. In fact he had written Shogi the video game for Nintendo.

I like chess and so we played a game. I thought I was a pretty good player. I used to be able to beat most casual players I met. He slaughtered me in about 10 moves. I kind of expected that. It was the most elegant butt kicking I have ever received. Grand masters think different than the rest of us. I don't remember how he beat me, but I do remember that it was smooth, quick and brutal.

This weekend I spent time with the Ruby Grand Masters. In my opinion there isn't a better Ruby conference than the Mountain West Ruby conference. The hackers show up. These guys are all about being the very best - not for money but for love of the language. Here's a list of the guys I could gather up. I am sure there were many others who didn't p...

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