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Oahu Day 1

It snowed 4 inches today in Logan and the wind is bad enough that the Salt Lake Airport is closed. Meanwhile, it's mid 70s on Oahu. Hate me. I'm going to hate me when we have to go back. I'm not sure why I don't live here.

We visited the Dole Plantation. You can purchase Dole Pineapple Whip at Disneyland and even in Ogden, but it tastes better at the plantation. Not really, but telling yourself that makes you feel better what you pay for it. Somehow I couldn't feel better about buying a pineapple the cost of which increases exponentially the closer to the field you get. Not sure how shipping it to Utah makes it so much cheaper than if you want to buy it a few feet from the field.

You can buy pearls in the oyster for really cheap and for your 'convenience' they have a bunch of settings for you to put it in

Next we visited a nude beach. Not really, but we looked positively dressed. Dental floss doesn't count as a swimming suite in Utah, but at Waimea b...

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During our trip to Southern California I realized that it’s not just Disneyland that is a wonderland, separate and distinct from the rest of the world, but most of Southern California. We pulled up to a stoplight in sporting the minivan complete with roof rack when seven Lamborghinis and one Ferrari pulled up kitty corner to me. I was thinking to myself, “boy I bet that guy feels stupid.” Ferrari is the Saturday car. Lamborghinis are for Sunday. Everyone knows that. As proof I saw several more Lamborghinis on the road but all the Ferraris I saw were parked. Driving down the Pacific Coast highway we passed a Mclaren dealership, a Ferrari dealership, a Tesla dealership, a Porsche dealership, and Aston Martin and several places that had clusters of various kinds of exotic cars for which if you don’t show up in a started exotic car (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche) not only will the salesman not speak to you, but they will call the cops.

I cut off a Bentley and felt better.

One place where t...

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We went to the happiest place on earth, now were off on a family vacation to the stinkiest place on Earth - Yellowstone. Like the Earth's anus this place belches the nastiest gas you have ever smelled. The girls love it, but hold their noses a lot. I am good with it except for the terrifying narrow roads with the sheer drops seeking to plummet you to your death. There are a lot of animals too. Big ones. I guess that is to be expected. When I was in high school I used to bring dates up here. I got stuck in a herd of 300 buffalo and nearly missed our show at Pierre's Playhouse. I wonder if that place is still around. My dad doesn't know, but that was the same day that I had a park ranger pull up while I and said date were picnicking and tell me there they had had reports of a red car a lot like mine flying past obnoxious RVs at 100mph which was very illegal in the park.

I had (and still have) no idea what he was talking about. Luckily my brother destroyed any evidence a few y...

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Lego is 50

Lego turned 50 today. I love Legos.

There was much rejoicing: Build the Millenium Falcon to celebrate Go Lego Retro Lego over time

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The Roomba Ends Christmas

Christmas is frequently heralded at our home by the purchase of poinsettias. They are beautiful flowers that originated in Mexico and which really have no business hanging out in the snow and cold of Utah. We buy new ones every year to help support the local economy and because we can't keep them alive for more than a month. When the poinsettias die the last vestiges of Christmas are gone. By now the decorations are gone, the lights are down, all the kids new toys are broken, and the tree is put away, but Christmas lingers on as long as the poinsettias are still alive.

Ironically, this year we were not meant to wait for the slow poinsettia death where the leaves fall off one by one as we forget to water the plant each day. Instead, the Roomba, one of Callie's Christmas presents, took it out in one fatal blow when it slammed into a four foot tall picture frame sending the frame to the floor on top of the poinsettia. Then the Roomba got stuck so it decided to eat the curtains. Ba...

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We went out to eat on our way back from running errands in Ogden. Finding a restaurant on a Saturday night in an unfamiliar area that you can take four kids to is not a trivial task. In spite of having made this journey so many times before we still haven’t figured it out. Tonight we wanted to try something different and since we would be going through Brigham City around dinner we went to Maddox. If you have never been to Maddox you should try it someday. It is a true family restaurant. My parents took us there when I was a kid and my grandparents took my parents there when my parents were kids. It has been around for a while. Anyway, we received the best service I have had from any restaurant, which is truly something to be said considering we were hauling our kids into a packed restaurant on a Saturday night. The waitress was great with the kids and even helped them with the little things It is nice to know there is still a place you can go that is friendly and has great service.

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My second Facebook application is up. I and Marion built something to help you and your friends enjoy the lighter side of life. Try out Indulgences.

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Visited the Tetons

I grew up in southeast Idaho which is in close proximity to Jackson Hole, Wy and Grand Teton National Park. When I was a kid (I am going bald and my back is causing me problems so I get to say that now), we would visit "the park" 5 or more times a year.

Now I have to laugh with sadness as I drive through the places where I spent my childhood recreation. Land values in the area are beyond absurd. I know this because as we drove through Tetonia and Driggs this last weekend I saw real estate signs bearing the name of Sotheby's. This is amusing to me because I associate Sotheby's with expensive art painted by eclectic dead guys, rare books and the fine and over priced things in life. During our drive I saw the name attached to run down gas stations with busted windows and rusting junk in the side lot. Another place bore a rusted sign swaying in the breeze reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock film. Until a few years ago you couldn't have paid someone to take over these p...

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Rode Blacksmith Fork Canyon Tonight

I've never considered myself an athlete. Athletes have to work hard and suffer and compete and stuff. Although, I will likely never compete, cycling has been the closest I have ever come to being athletic. Its a great sport.

If by great you mean that it kills you slowly.

Tonight's ride was to be an chance to catch up with an old friend who I haven't seen in quite a while. It was to be a simple ride - out and back no special fuel needed, no need to worry that I had put in 30 miles on the mountain bike already. However, after we passed the power plant - one of the landmarks we use to indicate it's time to turn around, Jaren said let's go to the top of the dam. The dam really isn't far. Only another mile and a short hill climb and we would be there. I am always up for a hill climb.

However, we didn't stop there and I wasn't about to be a wus and drop out. Before we knew it we had arrived at the top of Blacksmith Fork Canyon and end marked by Hardware Ranch. ...

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Fashion can be Funny

I have noticed a lot of women in camouflage pants lately. I think this is the latest fashion or maybe they wear it because they are trying to hide something.

My bet is that there is a group of fashion designers somewhere in New York. They get together and have coffee and laugh, A LOT. I guess the conversion goes something like this:

"So Domenique, you win again. I did not think you could pull off the pancho thing, but that was awesome."

"It was Enrique, and this year I think we should go for the Halloween look. I bet we can get moms to wear what they dressed their boys in last year. Camo anyone?"

Take a look around next time you are shopping and notice that Enrique won that bet.

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Sarah Sample

Mendon is a very small town on the west side of Cache Valley, but for three weeks in the summer it is a very cool place to be. This tiny town runs concerts in the park. Sadly I totally forgot about it until I got home last night and my lovely wife reminded me that the concert I so badly wanted to attend started at 7. My brain doesn't work the way it should sometimes.

So we rushed to Mendon and made it in time to see most of Sarah Sample's concert. She has a beautiful voice and she writes all of her own music. If you haven't heard her artful sound I highly recommend a visit to her site and a visit to her MySpace account. I am impressed by independent artists like Sarah. She paid for and produced her albums. I asked when the next one would come out and she told me that it would be after she has paid for the current album. You have to respect an artist with that much devotion. I love her music and can't wait until she produces more so I will be recommending that everyone p...

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For the People Who Don’t Live Here

My deepest sympathy goes out to all those who don't make their home in Logan Utah. There are few places that offer as much in the way of the outdoors as here. This past weekend we spent out time at Bear Lake about an hour away. It is a rather large body of water which was filled with us and a waverunner and my daughters screaming at the top of their lungs, "go faster daddy."

On the way back we drove up to Tony's Grove. It is a small lake in the top of the mountains. The narrow windy road looks like something out of the Tour De France and is a favorite for roadies especially for time trials.

This morning on my way into work (on my bike) we took a detour and road the river trail up the canyon. It is a fun little mtb trail that follows the Logan River. It is also about 3 minutes from my office.

For all those who sit in their cars burning the remains of long gone vegetation and dinosaurs my deepest sympathy.

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Cherry Creek Campground trail – Motorcycling near Downey, ID

For 14 years now I have gone motorcycling with my father and brother. In recent years the opportunity has been reduced to just an annual occurrence. I haven't been very good at keeping track of when or where we go. I know that we have covered miles of high country in southeast and central Idaho, but at this point I couldn't tell you when or where. Mostly I just have good memories of very high places and some wild trails. All of dad's good (funny and scary) biking stories start with, "don't tell your mom but..." In that same spirit, don't tell Callie but ... We rode the mountains between Malad pass and Downey today. Before we went I checked Google Earth. There isn't really very much land there - from a satellite. On the ground the world is much different and I learned just how much land lies between the interstate and the state road we take through Preston, Idaho to visit my parents. When we ride we focus on trails that provide us with the best scenery. ...

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