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Omniauth, Devise and Facebook Client Login Don't Play Nice

I've had to use Facebook login inside an iframe twice now. Combine Devise with omniauth and omniauth-facebook and you have a pretty great user authentication system. Now try to login via Facebook inside an iframe and nothing will happen. If you check your Javascript console you'll see a error that looks something like this:

Refused to display 'https://www.facebook.com/login.php?skip_api_login=1&api_key=asdfasdf%23_%3D_&display=page' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'DENY'.

Facebook won't render their UI inside of an iframe. A lot of sites do that these days. However, you can use the Facebook Javascript client and everything will just work - sort of. Omniauth-facebook documents a Client side flow which looks like the perfect solution to our problem but as I've learned it's not rainbows and unicorns.

If you do follow the advice provided by the documentation you'll spend hours saying things to your computer that you w...

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Social Network Dilution

My wife thinks it's funny that I never check Facebook anymore. I got her into it and now she checks it daily. I got my account way back when you still had to have a .edu email address to get an account. It was worthless for a while because no one else I knew had an account. Then for a while it was a great way to communicate. Now Facebook is basically worthless again.

I get that I can connect with old friends and I like that. I can track the daily actions of people I haven't seen in years by watching the constant stream of attention metadata. It's kind of a social pornography. I can watch. I don't have to engage or put any meaningful social effort into the interactions. I think that is the addiction people have to Facebook. You know when your friend is furious with their kids. You can see that an ex boss/girlfriend/bff etc just experienced something rotten and feel the disgusting elation of another human being's misfortune. There's a constant stream of photograph...

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Make Facebook Butt Out

Marion told me that he rented 'Enchanted' for his kids from Blockbuster.com. Now in all his friend's feeds it says 'Marion rented Enchanted'. Maybe I am not truly social yet, but this activity makes Facebook into that really annoying neighbor who spies on you and then spreads neighborhood gossip. Time to butt out. They hide the functionality that turns off this annoying behavior, but here's a link to turn off integration with external websites and here's one to turn off social ads. If I want to rent 'Where The Red Fern Grows' for a cry it is not of your damn business. Good riddance.

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This Clears Things Up a Bit

I'm not sure if anyone has seen David Wiley's blog today, but I think his efforts help to illustrate the idea of distributing the social network. Take a look at it. It might change, so look soon. Does it look familiar?

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I Love Our Facebook Application

While our house plans application on Facebook is not anywhere near as popular as Superpoke nor will it ever be it is a great application for me because the Facebook users find house plans that I have never noticed before. With the family being the size it is we need a larger home, but if I think this is a very cool small house plan. Social media has some very interesting and beneficial side effects. For me it is serendipitous discovery.

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My second Facebook application is up. I and Marion built something to help you and your friends enjoy the lighter side of life. Try out Indulgences.

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Configure your Free Facebook Joyent Accelerator for Capistrano

Right now Joyent is giving away free Accelerator accounts to Facebook developers. I love free stuff so this is so cool I could just cry. Free hosting with one of the premier Ruby on Rails hosts. I normally have to eat bags of M&Ms to be this happy.

Not all is roses. There is a dark side to this free hosting. Setting it up will make you want to cry. I am a developer, not a Solaris system administrator and so getting my application deployed was like having a vasectomy and being totally conscious the entire time. In hopes of saving time in the future for myself and others here is how to configure your Facebook Rails application for deployment via Capistrano on a Joyent Accelerator. The ideas aren't mine. I stole everything from all over the place. I added links at the bottom where I found some of the information. The rest of it I will just feel guilty about.

  1. Setup your shell for capistrano. Follow the link for the how and why. Note my $HOME/.ssh/environment file contains this:
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    Working on Second Facebook Application

    It is top secret, but I am working on another Facebook application. This time I am using Ruby On Rails since I don't have to deal with legacy issues. I'll be interested to see if there is a large performance difference. I'll post a link when the application is ready. This time it will be for amusement and it will be funny.

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    First Facebook Application is Running

    I finally worked out most of the bugs for my first Facebook Application - My House Plans which uses data from my House Plan site. What is cool is that without putting in a lot of effort people are finding and adding the application. I worked on the app yesterday and then last night took the kids trick or treating. When I got back people had started adding the application.

    I was a bit freaked out by that fact given that I was still working out bugs. I guess it is a good thing that I fixed a lot of major problems while I had the chance. Facebook is very cool. If you put up a new site you will wait for months usually to get indexed by the search engines and even then you are lucky if anyone visits you. On Facebook the traffic is built in.

    Time will tell if the application will drive traffic to our main site or serve to generate any revenue. For now it is fun to watch people use the application and play around with house plans.

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    Another Social API – I might explode

    Just as I finish my Facebook app here comes OpenSocial which is supposed to be an API that works with LinkedIn, Orkut, other Google services and the big recent addition, MySpace. I might just explode into a million pieces. I love that with these apps you get traffic almost as soon as you turn it on. The site isn't up yet, but the API for Open Social is supposed to live here:

    You can bet that I will be living there as well during the next month.

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