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Huntsman Awards for Excellence in Education

My mother in law received a Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education this evening - a well deserved honor befitting her work as an educator over the past 16 years. Out of the 21,000 teachers in the state of Utah, 2 elementary school teacher, 2 junior high teachers and 2 high school teachers along with a principal, volunteer and special education teacher were honored so congratulations to those who were chosen. It's kind of a big deal.

I've always respected Jon Huntsman (Sr) for being incredibly successful in business and even more so for his work in creating the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This evening he talked about teachers and leaders as moral examples for their students. He talked about lifelong friends, more than 50 years of marriage, 9 children and 56 grand children. His words weren't polished or elegant but they were powerful because they are backed by the acts of a loving family man who is working to make the world a better place. While the selection committee for ...

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Note to Facebook, Myspace and Other Social Silos: DIE

I wrote three Facebook apps and I have ideas for several more. The most successful was the House Plans application I did for ThePlanCollection.com, but in the Facebook world you can't count a couple thousand users as especially successful.

When Open Social started up I felt like I needed to go sign up for a MySpace account so that I would be ready for when the next big thing showed up. So far Open Social feels like that high school party the nerdy guy threw and two or three other nerdy guys showed up but come Monday morning it will be the joke of the high school. I turned off email alerts for MySpace because I grew tired of the offensive bot spam. I tried playing with Orkut because that was the first platform that supported Open Social. Orkut feels like the Twilight Zone. I tried Twitter for a while. It is a cool service, but I forget its there unless I am bored and the only thing handy is my phone and I want to post about my boredom. How's that for boring.

There are countless ...

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Sustaining Open Content

The Instructional Technology conference has been great thus far. I usually measure great based on the food. We at at Hamilton's last night. Great food. Great conference. There is still more to come so I am sure things will get better. Sustainability - how do we keep paying for this stuff - is a reaccuring theme. Some of the debate includes a belief that in order to sustain the open content movement some of the content needs to be left unopen at least for some time money will be generated via selling that content. This is a dangerous idea that has already failed many times in the private sector. The last of the for fee websites are failing as we speak. Many of the news outlets that previously attempted to charge for access have given up the model. Why? At the foundation of the internet is the idea of sharing information.

Websites are rewarded not on how much they can charge for their content, but rather on how quickly they can generate new content and how quickly they can give it a...

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study what you like cause it will come back to haunt you.

One frequent conversation amongst engineers entails the bragging of how hard their undergrad education was. This is usually measured by two factors:

  1. How poorly the class performed overall

  2. How late one stayed in the computer labs.

My dad always told me that your educational experience would reflect the job environment in the real world. It's almost 11 pm now. We are still working. I am sitting in a "lab" in a building on campus. As I look out the window I see students in various states of exhaustion. I remember my days in the labs, the days I use for bragging rights, and I have to laugh at dad's prophecy. My education and my job match almost perfectly. The only difference is that the lab has shifted a couple hundred yards to the northwest from the engineering to the education building. eduCommons 1.5.2 is almost ready. Really dear, I will be home soon.

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Learn this, no this, no this

I have been a programmer for a few years. During that time I went from "Bill Gates is the antiChrist" to Microsoft isn't so bad to I just don't care give me money. Programmers are prostitutes. Give us money and we do what you want. I love python, but I admit to be a closet asp.net programmer. I believe in finding a solution before adhering to ideology. Unless its my ideology. Everyone should adhere to that.

After attending the Indigo (Windows communication thingy) lecture the other night I realized how Microsoft stays the biggest software company in the world. Their motto should be re-learn, re-learn, re-learn, re-write, re-write, re-write. I went through the M$ initiation. I learned Win32, and MFC. I dealt with all the ugliness. Then I learned Visual Basic and ASP. After that along came .Net and I learned that. Then I learned about SOAP and did some WSE stuff. Then I found out I needed to learn Indigo and Avalon and BTW they are doing a rewrite in 2007 so I will hav...

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