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Userfly Ruined My Weekend – “jQuery(“form.ajax”).ajaxForm is not a function”

I've been a big fan of Userfly because they make usability testing easy. Their tool is really quite amazing. However, this last weekend and into today I've become less of a fan. After a late night deploy last week on a site I've been working on I noticed that none of my javascript worked. Lucky for me Firefox reports the errors. The errors were annoying things like "jQuery("form.ajax").ajaxForm is not a function". I knew for a fact that jquery.form.js was loaded. I could see the code. On occasion I've had problems with the javascript caching that Rails uses - it merges all the files together. I turned that off and it wasn't it

I could only see the error in production. In development everything worked fine. I swore a lot because that is the worst kind of error. yYou feel like you need to debug on the server or setup a staging server. Running my local box in 'production' mode didn't help. I couldn't reproduce the error until I remem...

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