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How New Carpet and Rattlesnake turned me into a Consultant or What the Hell Happened?

I was sure I would never become a consultant. The stress is high. You sell your time. You don't get time off. You don't get sick leave. Just try to get health insurance. Retirement? Ha.

In spite of all that I am a consultant and I like it.

Late summer 2008 the powers that be decided that COSL needed new carpet. Putting in new carpet is disruptive because they have to move a lot of stuff since almost all stuff in an office sits on the floor where carpet resides. I voted to setup shop in the bathroom (seemed efficient), but instead they sent us all home to work so that we didn't spend a week high on carpet fumes. Some of the guys were bummed they would miss that.

I would miss my chair - a very expensive thing designed to support the old, decrepit backs of persons such as myself.

I came home and started working. I found that it wasn't so bad, but I also new that I would be headed back to the safety of an office. The day finally came. I went in to see my chair. I setup a 30...

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New Diet

I now weigh 165lbs which means I've lost 5lbs. The secret to my diet success is what I like to think of as the consultant stress plan. If you want to loose weight I highly recommend it. It is a simple combination of not sleeping and not eating. You'll be thinner in no time.

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