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What I Got for Christmas This Year

We're home from my parents which in a way marks the end of the Christmas celebration for us. Although, I am pushing for a return of the Twelve days of Christmas which doesn't end until January 5.

Here's what I got for Christmas this year:

A chance to play Santa Claus with the most beautiful Misses Claus in the world until 3 am. I'm glad she wraps the presents and puts everything together while I eat the cookies.

A few (short) moments of watching my children excitedly rip through presents during the few years that they still feel the magic of Christmas.

A few days away from my computer and from code. I love my job but sometimes I forget what it's like to be a normal human being.

One Lego train from a beautiful Misses Claus and an hour to put it together with my brother. I'm getting old but it is nice to remember what Christmas was like when you were ten.

2 loaves of my grandmother's bread.

A couple of days with family.

A couple of days to go home and recover ...

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Professionals and The Enterprise

Professionals and the enterprise

Under threat of divorce if I didn't hang my Christmas lights this past Christmas I braved the elements and managed to put them on the trees. Of course this wasn’t sufficient to prevent the impending separation – only lights on the top eves of the house would be a sufficient sacrifice to stave off a divorce lawyer.

At great peril, a very kind neighbor and I attempted the feat. As each roof clip drew us closer to the two story eves and we had to climb higher on the roof it became clear that we would have to abort the attempt or die.

I don’t like death so we quit.

My wife didn’t really like our style of ‘safe’ decorating where the only lights were the ones we could reach so I called someone – a “professional.” I figured that a bunch of guys with safety harnesses and ladders certified by OSA would show up wearing helmets and other such gear.

Two guys showed up with a ladder, climbed up on my roof and scaled the eves learning perilously over the edge cli...

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The Roomba Ends Christmas

Christmas is frequently heralded at our home by the purchase of poinsettias. They are beautiful flowers that originated in Mexico and which really have no business hanging out in the snow and cold of Utah. We buy new ones every year to help support the local economy and because we can't keep them alive for more than a month. When the poinsettias die the last vestiges of Christmas are gone. By now the decorations are gone, the lights are down, all the kids new toys are broken, and the tree is put away, but Christmas lingers on as long as the poinsettias are still alive.

Ironically, this year we were not meant to wait for the slow poinsettia death where the leaves fall off one by one as we forget to water the plant each day. Instead, the Roomba, one of Callie's Christmas presents, took it out in one fatal blow when it slammed into a four foot tall picture frame sending the frame to the floor on top of the poinsettia. Then the Roomba got stuck so it decided to eat the curtains. Ba...

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