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Setting up Subversion on Bluehost

I love subversion. It is handy for all kinds of development. I needed an easier way to update Wordpress on my Bluehost account. I tried the standard compile methods but kept running into errors. The problem I ran into was that the server my account runs on is a 64bit machine.

I gave up until I found this article on how to fix the 64 bit compile problem.

The key is compiling each library that is part of the subversion-deps download and then telling the compiler where to find them:

 cd apr ./configure --enable-shared --prefix=$HOME make && make install

cd ../apr-util ./configure --enable-shared --prefix=$HOME \ --with-expat=builtin --with-apr=$HOME \ --without-berlekey-db make && make install

cd ../neon ./configure --enable-shared --prefix=$HOME \ --with-libs=$HOME --with-ssl make && make install

then do this:

 ./configure --prefix=$HOME --without-berlekey-db \ --with-editor=/usr/bin/vim --with-apr=$HOME \ --with-apr-util=$HOME --with-neon=$HOME \ --without-apxs ...

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