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My second Facebook application is up. I and Marion built something to help you and your friends enjoy the lighter side of life. Try out Indulgences.

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Working on Second Facebook Application

It is top secret, but I am working on another Facebook application. This time I am using Ruby On Rails since I don't have to deal with legacy issues. I'll be interested to see if there is a large performance difference. I'll post a link when the application is ready. This time it will be for amusement and it will be funny.

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First Facebook Application is Running

I finally worked out most of the bugs for my first Facebook Application - My House Plans which uses data from my House Plan site. What is cool is that without putting in a lot of effort people are finding and adding the application. I worked on the app yesterday and then last night took the kids trick or treating. When I got back people had started adding the application.

I was a bit freaked out by that fact given that I was still working out bugs. I guess it is a good thing that I fixed a lot of major problems while I had the chance. Facebook is very cool. If you put up a new site you will wait for months usually to get indexed by the search engines and even then you are lucky if anyone visits you. On Facebook the traffic is built in.

Time will tell if the application will drive traffic to our main site or serve to generate any revenue. For now it is fun to watch people use the application and play around with house plans.

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