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River – Amazon Wishlist Gem

One more post on Amazon Wishlist code. As another follow up to my post on Amazon Wishlist RSS, Ruby and Signing/Authenticating your Requests and the site I built to run the code My Amazon Feeds (post here) I've created a gem to contain all the code. Get it by running

 sudo gem install river 

It's a pretty simple gem so working with the code is also pretty easy to do:

 am = AmazonRequest.new(amazon_access_key_id, amazon_secret_access_key, ecs_to_rss_wishlist, amazon_associate_tag) results = am.get_amazon_feeds(username) # username needs to be the user's Amazon email feeds = results.collect { |result| OpenStruct.new(:url => result, :title => 'Amazon Wishlist', :name => 'wishlist') } 

Get amazon_access_key_id and amazon_secret_access_key from your AWS console. The amazon_associate_tag parameter is optional. Throw it in there if you want your Amazon associate information in the feed. May as well :-).

The one parameter that might be confusing is 'ecs...

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Amazon Wishlist RSS, Ruby and Signing/Authenticating your Requests

UPDATE: If you don't want to bother with the code and instead would just like to get your Amazon.com Wishlist rss you can go here.

I've been playing with the Amazon API lately. At first I just wanted to get the RSS feed to my wish list and I followed the direction in this article on the Amazon developer site. Don't bother with that article. This one on xml.com is a bit out of date, but still useful. Getting the RSS feed for your profile on most sites is a pretty simple process. On Amazon it's not. It's a total pain in the butt. Shame on them for not making this process easier. I shouldn't have to interact with a full API just to gain access to an RSS feed. Also, for any Amazon people out there would you mind keeping your documentation up to date or at least marking old articles as invalid so that I don't waste my time with stuff that doesn't work anymore?.

OK so you don't actually care about all the crap you just want the guts. I took the basic struc...

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Using Amazon’s Web Services from Ruby – Jonathan Younger

Right Scale has a great gem: gem install right_aws RightScale RightAws::Sqs RightScale RightAws::Ec2

They will automatically retry errors for you.

gem install kato Kato - EC2 Pool Manager

 require 'rubygems' requrie 'right_aws' RightAws::RightAWSParser.xml_lib = 'libxml'

SQS = RightAws::Sqs.new(access_id, access_key) #get an SQS object queue = SQS.queue("name_of_queue") #create a or get a reference to an existing queue queue.psuh "put message in the queue" #8k max queue.size # get an approximate number of message in the queue message = queue.receive # message.delete # if you don't delete your messages they will show up again

 require 'rubygems' requrie 'right_aws' RightAws::RightAWSParser.xml_lib = 'libxml' EC2 = RightAsw::Ec2.new(access_id, access_key) EC2.describe_instances # get a hash of running instances EC2.run_instances("name_of_ami", minium_instances_to, max) # start up instances EC2.terminate_in...

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Top Selling Stuff on Amazon Brings Tears

I am always looking for a deal so I keep trying to find one on Amazon Grocery. The problem is that you can waste a lot of time trying to find something you would really buy.

So I try the top sellers page:


Notice the top sellers are baby items, coffee and diet pills (at least they are right now) and deep in my heart I have to feel bad for all the mothers who are up late with the kids and trying to lose weight.

No wonder we are a Prozac nation.

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