Teachers Without Borders

During the day and lately most of the night I work as a Fellow for Teachers Without Borders at Utah State University. (funded by Cisco). What I actually do bores most people and causes my wife to roll her eyes and tune out anytime someone asks what I do. It's a long story and involves a lot of technical crap that few people like to hear.

For tonight I have a shorter explanation. You can see what I do. We are just polished up our latest release of the new Teachers Without Borders website.

Teachers Without Borders is a global non-governmental organization (NGO) that helps build and mentor teacher leaders around the world. The point of what we are building is to provide a place where those individuals can come together and interact and build up one another. We are still in the early stages, so expect a great deal more from the project.

The code that powers our social network is written in Ruby on Rails and is open source and MIT licensed. You can get it here:


The name is a play off of the original project lovd-by-less that we forked. Thanks to all those that have contributed to that project and made our life easier.