Learn this, no this, no this

I have been a programmer for a few years. During that time I went from "Bill Gates is the antiChrist" to Microsoft isn't so bad to I just don't care give me money. Programmers are prostitutes. Give us money and we do what you want. I love python, but I admit to be a closet asp.net programmer. I believe in finding a solution before adhering to ideology. Unless its my ideology. Everyone should adhere to that.

After attending the Indigo (Windows communication thingy) lecture the other night I realized how Microsoft stays the biggest software company in the world. Their motto should be re-learn, re-learn, re-learn, re-write, re-write, re-write. I went through the M$ initiation. I learned Win32, and MFC. I dealt with all the ugliness. Then I learned Visual Basic and ASP. After that along came .Net and I learned that. Then I learned about SOAP and did some WSE stuff. Then I found out I needed to learn Indigo and Avalon and BTW they are doing a rewrite in 2007 so I will have something new and exciting to learn then. Whatever. I bet all those companies that wrote thousands of lines of VB or MFC code aren't happy. All the guys writing C# code won't be thrilled when their boss shows up to say that they now have to use generics, etc. Don't get me wrong. Progress is good. Just don't make me rewrite the entire app in the name of "progress."

In the mean time I have feelings of inadequecy. My house plan site is written in that old, uncool ASP stuff. I should rewrite it in ASP.Net so that I be in the in crowd again. If I want to be really popular I should rewrite it in Python and use Mysql cause then it will be "free". Whatever. The server is bought. The code is written. People use it. It works. That is free. Free from re-writting. Free from re-buying. Free to play Battlefield. I like being free.