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Maker Faire

After a week with the Google tech elite today was a day dedicated to fun, curiosity and fascination. Callie brought Devin down Yesterday so we could spend today experiencing the inventions of the Bay Area's eccentric, creative, technology minds.

I'm not sure how to describe Maker Faire. There are vendors selling everything from small CNC machines to youth groups with kits. There were more 3D printers than I could count including one about 20 feet tall that could print some truely monumental sculptures.

giant 3D printer

There were classes on how to grow from mushrooms and a truck converted into a mobile green house. There were sculptures that spewed fire, a Tesla with panels that lit up like a zebra and a giant forest of lit up inflatable astro-flower things. It was pretty cool.

justin and callieforest

There was a StrandBeest which is amazing to see in person:

The R2D2 club was on hand to show off the droids we've all been looking for:

Speaking of droids here's the guts of a BB8 Sphero:

Dalekbb8 disassembled

How abo...

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