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Google IO Day 3

ATAP - future science fiction awesomeness

The last day of Google I/O. I go directly to the ATAP line and I'm lucky enough to get in.

Trust API

The project formerly known as Abacus becomes the Trust API. The purpose is to eliminate the hassles of passwords an mult-factor authentication. It will be available to developers in the Fall if I remember right. It's a subtle but complex project that if it works will change the way we deal with authentication. That's a good thing. There's a reason every login form has a "forgot your password" link. A lot also have a "forgot your username" link. We need something better.


Last year they introduced project Jacquard and project Soli. This year they showed them off again with the promise of getting the technology into the hands of customers. Jacquard will find its way into a Levi commuter jacket in spring 2017. That's cool, but I'm hopeful Google will expand its partnerships. I don't bike with a Levi ...

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Google IO Day 2

Commuted to Google IO via the Bay Area Bike share program again. Since there's only one bike share station near my hotel and only one near Google and there are 7000 developers here I was worried there wouldn't be any bikes. Nothing to worry about. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one using the bike share. Getting a bike isn't a problem. They are garabage, but they are a bike. I'm guessing no one uses it because there are Google bikes everywhere. If I was a bit braver I would have just 'borrowed' one got get around, but old guys obey the rules so Bike Share it is.

Firebase Security

Jacob Wenger (@_jwngr)


I made it to the Firebase Security talk. Not a lot of people here but so far this is one of my favorite presentation because it is code heavy and because Firebase security can be a bit complicated. Everyone using Firebase needs this. The best way to learn a complex development topic is through lots of examples and this presentation is filled with th...

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Google IO Day 1

google io crowdgoogle io at nightscratch working with legos

Google IO day one is over and my feet are killing me. Here are my key take aways for the day:


Firebase has become a key component in the Google ecosystem. What was once a real time database is now a platform for your entire infrastructure and application business development needs. Today there were plenty of comparisons to Parse, Facebook's ill-fated application platform. Since I'm at Google IO I didn't hear many comparisons to Amazon's ecosystem of products, but I'm sure others will make the comparison. Amazon does offer more in technical functionality but at the cost of complexity. Though AWS offers an inexpensive and powerful compute platform they won't be winning any awards for developer experience. Google has done a great job considering not just the technical but also the business requirements for the entire application lifecycle. Developers still have the same powerful real time database as a service that they've had for a long time, but ...

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